Day 2

07/02/2014 21:25

Hi all, new and old members!

I hope you like the webpage, I will make changes constantly to make it more beautiful and useful.

First of all, for new members I want you to read the requirements for staying in the clan and accomplish then. If you have any question, mail me ingame so I can start to do the FAQ.

For everyone, today it's the first day that everyone can attack, so I guess many of you have been attacked or have attacked. When you attack it's important to not attack friendly alliances since we don't want to start a war with them. If you're being harassed by someone, you should mail me ingame with the name and I will include to the blacklist. 

For today, I want to set up a leader in all 4 sectors, that would help new members to grow up and help them. You can leave your application by mailing me ingame with your interest and your zone and why you will be good leader. The leader will be able to invite members.


Hope you all have a good day and see you tomorrow. I'm going to try to be short everyday so you don't have to read that much, I know some people doesn't like it.


Good luck in the fields, Buniens!