Day 3

08/02/2014 19:00

Hi all, new and old members!

For new members

Don't forget to read the requirements(they're in the homepage of this website). Don't forget to mail me ingame if someone attacked you, I will include your enemy to blacklist so we can help you. If someone need resources, mail me ingame too, I will make a list(tell me what resource and how about you need). Don't ask for help if it's not an emergency, we all can have more resources.

For everyone

Today I've been attacking all day, I hope you guys have started to farm already, don't let those resources get lost in other hands, I'm sure you'll make a better use of it(hehe :P).  

As I mentioned yesterday, I need a leader in every zone to guide new members(I have in mind to found new alliances, one for each zone and the main one), so please mail me ingame if you're interested and please someone do it, show some interest, think that you can be the leader of a future big alliance. The job for this week is to set up 4 more leader, one for every zone, and try to grow up more.

And last but not the least, remember to ask me questions so I can fill the FAQ.

Let's go to the top Buniens!! I trust in all of you,


Your friend and leader.